Is it even possible to make a VR game with this system and maintain 80 fps?


is it even possible to make a VR game for a GeForce GTX 970 and an AMD FX 8350 and maintain 80 fps for the Oculus Rift S? It’s hard for my system to maintain 80 fps even with an empty level, scalability everything set to low and material quality set to low and enabled forward shading. After placing a few skeletal meshes, the framerate already drops below 80 fps.

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You’ll have trouble developing a VR title with that system - while it’s about good enough for running low requirement games the development environment will always have a big overhead so you would have to completely make production builds of your projects every time to try it out at full speed.
Being able to use the Play In Editor functionality is a huge time saver for fast iteration times and you’ll only shoot yourself in the leg getting motion sickness from low framerates.

I get low fps on busy scenes with an RTX 2070 super and Ryzen 5 using play in editor. So yeah, you will probably need more than that.