Is it any Weather/water/snow and wind system in UE4?

Well the title sums it up. Is it any Weather/water/snow and wind system in UE4?
I am torn between Cryengine and UE4. I am just going to design levels and worlds, but i want the different areas to feel different, so i want some place that is windy, some place that have storm, snowing on the top of the mounts and so on. Does UE4 have that? Any videos or screenshots?

No, but you can easily create one with blueprints :wink: -> but a wind actor is included (you can find it under the actor tab). For the weather: just create a rain/snow particle system which will get activated over the blueprint + add parameters for your material so that you can control their appearance -> e.g wet ground

Here is a tutorial about the material effect: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial [German/Deutsch] - Regen und was dazugehört - #004 - YouTube (it’s in german, but it will help you ^^)

hmm i see. if you see from minute 2.10, something like that. Possible to achive that in UE4?

Yep, that’s possible with a little bit of blueprint and material experience :slight_smile:

Well i have now subscribed to UE4 and lets see if i can make it work :smiley: i realy want a weather system

Download the “Effects Cave” demo from the UE4 launcher’s Marketplace, it has a working snow particle effect, thick clouds/fog (fogsheets & fog/cloud particle effects), and using one of the dripping waterfalls as a base, you can modify the particle system so that it looks more like rain (increasing the area of effect, etc).

Plus all of the content in there can be used in your project (this is true for all of the items currently on Marketplace), this will give you a jump start to making your own versions, and learning how they were created. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

Ok thx, but when want to make a actual game, i cant use any of this right?

Yes you can! it is free content provided to you to use in your own game, that goes for everything currently on marketplace! :slight_smile: crazy isn’t it?

say what?.. lets say i make a game that only uses things from the marketplace… i can sell it and get money for it?

And one more things, whats up with people on this forum beeing so nice and all? Never seen this level of kindness in a forum before. I like it already!

Yep! No I am not kidding! :stuck_out_tongue:
Here is a quote from the FAQ (seen here: Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine )

*Edit: Yeah, the forums (and related sites) are really great around here, it’s really refreshing! Was one of the reasons I made the switch when UE4 was released. You will see many unreal devs posting as well (including Tim Sweeney & Mark Rein, among others!) so if you ever have a question, just ask! :slight_smile:

I think you can- but it’s unlikely to sell if you haven’t made something unique in some way… I predict that when the marketplace opens properly there will be a flood of identical games using the stock assets and people will get familiar and bored with them fairly quickly.

We ban bad people!


That’s the unreal engine community… this explains everything :wink:


Well that alone can make me stay here and not go to over to Cryengine… a healthy and good community is worth more than a few pixels

hey also a new add on called truesky is coming out real soon, actually you can get a beta on it now and a free eval, very impressive results, were getting ready to give it a whirl

well i can ask here if anyone have an answer. Thing is me and my friend come from hero-engine witch have multi-user collaborative development. Does Unreal Engine 4 have something similar? And if so, how can we make this happen?

So you mean that you can work together? -> take a look at source controle (perforce, Subversion)

yes, but how does this work? Do i have to save and load alot to see what he is building and so on?

After you have made something you will have to click a button to upload the updates -> then it will also update the asset from your friend. So as far as I know it’s not possible to work together in realtime ^^

thats what we want… hmm… hmm…