Is it a way to turn off parts of a mesh/ model?

I’m working on a game where you can changes the clothes/ outfits of the player character and need a way to hide all tries that is hidden my the clothes, so it don’t clip through and don’t effect the game performance.
Can anyone tell me if it is a way to do this?

I do use Attach sockets, here are an image of what I need to hide


Set scale to 0 and it will be hidden

I don’t think that will work, since I use the bones to move the armor, and some armore ar in parts.
How do I get the target on this node? I cannot fing any of the noes in my blueprint to work.

why not Attach the armor and stuff to the sockets?

I believe there is several ways to go about it:

You can slice your character to separate skeletal meshes and swap models on them.

You can have different Material ID on body parts, and you will be able to disable material by ID.

You can make you body material type masked and draw a opacity mask on parts you want to hide, enabling and disabling it in BP.

Hide the bones by name - all vertices attached are not drawn or scaled to 0.

I will test the the last 2 alternatives.

Sure, don’t hesitate to ask if you need further help :slight_smile:

So im new to unreal (moved from unity)
in unity I found you want to condensed the material count as much as possible
I had my clothing set to just 1 material. (and disable the parts by mesh)

do I need to not condense the count in UR ?
will that not hurt performance ?

Yes, of course. It’s best to keep materials count to a minimum as it affects performance. It’s a trade off, whether it’s worth it depends on project needs.