Is ist possible to render a High Res Image via button in Game?

Hey there,

im currently building a configurator within unreal engine with RTX on and i would love to show a button, where the user can render a high res image out of his viewpoint. i know the high res screenshot function but is is possible to render high res footage out of the movie render qeue in game by just clicking on a button? or do you have any other ideas how to get this? the absolute dream would be to be able to render out cryptomattes and render layers, too with only one single click. is something like this possible with blueprint code?

thank you so much for your answers! :slight_smile:

Altough I’ve never used it on my own and if I’m not wrong, there should be a feature since 4.26 to render MovieRenderQueue during runtime. And there may be an example inside the latest CarConfigurator project provided by Epic. You may check that out.

ok, thank you, i will check that out

For runtime, here is the part from the manual:

It also notes two limitations, that currently exist:


Some settings are unavailable in runtime builds, as they depend on editor-specific functionality. These include:

+ The FinalCut Pro XML output format
+ Object ID render passes

I have no clue, how this affects the other passes, that it can render:

oh thank you so much for your help! nice! i will check that out!

Tiny update, UE 4.27 will enable you to render out Object ID passes aka Cryptomattes, see either the preview, or this video, that goes over some of the new features:

Just saw that video, too :smiley: but thank you anyway!!!