Is IPD interactive?

I’m running UE4 4.18.2 and Oculus Rift CV1. Never really spent much time fiddling with the focus adjustment slider on the Rift, but got to wondering if it might help w/ slight perceived scale issues in some architectural projects I am working on. I would think that when the focus adjustment is moved, the display in the Rift would change (virtual cameras or ‘eyes’ would move closer together or further apart). It is hard to tell, but that does not appear to be happening. Only the hardware Rift lenses move. Additionally, when I try to find the IPD in UE4 using the vr.Oculus.Debug.IPD command, it always returns 0.064 no matter what I have the focus adjustment set to. I downloaded ipdtest.exe from another post and was able to confirm that the Rift hardware is reporting the correct IPD, but UE4 does not seem to update the virtual cameras. Is this a bug?

The correct IPD should be taken automatically from the Oculus user profile. Did you try to quit UE4, adjust the IPD using the function in the Oculus menu, then restart UE4? Any change in the reported IPD?

Exited UE4. Went into the Oculus menu to adjust the IPD. Restarted UE4. Tried to execute vr.Oculus.Debug.IPD and got the same value - 0.064.

This is the source code linked to vr.Oculus.Debug.IPD console command:

float FOculusHMD::GetInterpupillaryDistance() const

float UserIPD;

if (!ovrp_GetInitialized() || OVRP_FAILURE(ovrp_GetUserIPD2(&UserIPD)))
return 0.0f;

return UserIPD;

The IPD comes directly from the Oculus SDK so if it is not reported correctly the issue is probably with it. You should try to ask on the Oculus forum.