Is HTC Cosmos supported and worked same as Vive/ Vive Pro in Unreal Engine 4?

Hi, I would like to ask whether HTC Cosmos is supported and worked same as Vive/ Vive Pro in Unreal Engine 4? Because I’m using Vive now and wanted to switch to either Cosmos or Vive Pro. I’ve tested Oculus Quest, It can’t be played while working on my project in UE4, it’ only works after it packaged which is not what I’m looking at because I can’t use to test the VR effects while working on my content. Please advise with anyone have tested HTC Cosmos in UE4. Thanks!

The VIVE COSMOS is supported though SteamVR plugin. I tested on 4.23.1.

I haven’t had much luck with using the bottom face buttons (A and X) on a Cosmos. The plugin let’s you map them but you have to put them both in the input actions and the SteamVR plugin dashboard.

Hi Christophe & Luis, thanks for your feedback. Sorry for late reply as I have just got the Cosmos! After tested running on UE4, I can only viewed it in VR Mode but when I clicked on Play, it doesn’t worked! It shown the VR screen attached as “UE4 Editor > NEXT UP” with UE4 version 4.22.3 & 4.23.0. Please help!

@Erikwong I know this may sound like a dumb question, but did you switch the play mode to “VR preview” in the play dropdown? It almost looks like your game didn’t launch in VR.

If you are in 4.22 or 4.23, I’m assuming you using the SteamVR plugin as a separate engine plugin. You can map all buttons on the Cosmos If you follow the steps from their guide. Don’t forget to regenerate the controller bindings as it needs to rewrite the Input.ini file.

Hi Luis, Everything is working now. Thanks a lots yeah! :slight_smile: