Is editor performance usually similar to what you'll see in the released game?

If I get say 30 FPS on the default new map in the editor, if nothing was changed about said level and it were released as a game, can it be expected that the FPS is generally the same, or would it end up being higher like 60 FPS? The reason I ask is because I can’t figure out why my FPS is so low, when I should be able to have over 60 FPS even at max settings.

I’m also experiencing something odd, where I was getting low FPS on the default level that comes with the engine as well as my main game level. So I turned down all the engine scalability settings to the lowest they can go. This made the FPS go from around 30 to 120. Then it gets weirder, because I set them all back to maximum cinematic, and it is STILL 120 FPS. Which is good, but I need to figure out why. What exactly is going on here? Is it that shaders are somehow running in the background that aren’t being used or something and by turning the settings to low it made them stop running?
After having set the settings to low and back to cinematic, and closing said popup I’m now getting 60-70FPS on my main level, where as before I was getting a consistent 19 FPS on my main level regardless of playing in the editor or not.

It may also be that I closed an unreal engine popup asking me to import source files, perhaps said popup eats up a ton of FPS while it is open?

Update: I restarted the engine and now instead of 120FPS on the default level, I’m getting 40-60FPS. What the heck is going on here?

The engine is capped at 120fps unless you change it. Use the console command t.maxfps 200 for a 200fps cap

generally the game will have slightly better performance than running it in development mode. The editor then adds a bit of extra overhead but just a little (try running it with -game on the command line to see for yourself). The final packaged game will have a few extra optimizations but at this point they are mostly related to loading times
In short, don’t expect a significant improvement in performance in the cook/packaged game

Thank you for that information! :slight_smile:
I have an update about what is going on, so I restarted the engine and now instead of 120FPS on the default first person template level, I’m getting 40-60FPS. What the heck is going on here? It really seems like after loading new levels, even after restarting the engine, those shaders will run in the background regardless of which level is loaded and if the engine was even restarted or not.

It may have been real time settings for skybox causing lag I don’t remember.