Is Default Pawn multiplayer capable?

Everything I’ve read agrees with your post as of today (May 14th).

I noticed the same thing when putting my first project together. I figured that Character wasn’t the right fit for what I was doing, and went with the base Pawn blueprint. I was surprised by the behavior but I assume that Pawn wasn’t intended for this purpose.

There are a few posts I’ve read on building networking around the Pawn to force the server to do all movement, but I also read that the vehicle kit is coming out in May at some point with some networking around it that might help to further refine this or expose some new options?

Here are posts:

Pawn networking through blueprints

JamesG on vehicles

  1. Create a project from the Blank template.
  2. Launch two clients.
  3. In the server, move around with the usual WASD/mouse controls.
  4. Note that the client observes the server’s actions (they’re replicated).
  5. In the client, move around.
  6. Note that the server doesn’t receive updates from the client.

It seems that the Default Pawn doesn’t have code to inform the server of its movements. Am I missing something?

The Character Pawn (via the CharacterMovementComponent) does appear to replicate moves to the server. Is it what most multiplayer games are built on or are people rolling their replication-smart player controlled pawns?

#Blueprint Multiplayer Tutorial Videos by Epic

They’re very very extensive



Replying to this for people searching for info on networking a pawn’s movement. Do not follow that link as all the tutorials deal with character movement, not pawn. The difference is that a character inherits a character controller which implements networked movement, which is the entire reason you’re here.

Do you find docs or video about it?

here the way I did… even it is perfectible

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