Is Control Rig Broken? Bone transforms aren’t being baked correctly

I’m working on some first person animations in control rig and in the viewport and camera view my pose looks great! However when I bake the animation sequence my custom weapon bone transforms aren’t being baked correctly, really at all. So pretty much all the work goes out the window. Top picture is the hand and bone positions while editing the animation in sequencer and the bottom is what it looks like as a baked out anim sequence the weapon is attached to the same bone in both shots with no offsets.

I have the same problem!!!
Did you find a solution, its an awful bug and doesn’t seem to make any sense.
My post here:

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My problem wasn’t as extreme as yours. I ended up fixing it by using virtual bones for weapons instead. Your issue seems to be a huge bug. I haven’t had anyone reach out to me to give an actual solution but make sure you submit a big report if you haven’t already