Is blueprint scripting slower than C++?

I’ve been developing a game in UE4 exclusively using blueprints, however I on a forum someone say that blueprints are way slower than C++ and was avidly against using blueprints to create the game.

I truly enjoy the blueprint system that is why I use it. I am well versed in C++ and wouldn’t mind converting my project over if its necessary, but I’m wondering if blueprint scripting is really slower than C++ and how much of a difference it is.

All the marketing of UE4 suggests that Epic intended to be able to have fully fledged games using blueprints, so if its slower or less efficient than C++ that wouldn’t be good and I would need to convert my project now before I get further into it.

If you mean slower in terms of how fast they run, then blueprints I believe have a slight overhead as the visual scripting needs to be translated to the C++ side. However, I don’t think it makes that much of a difference and I think it is what you are more comfortable with.

I myself use C++ throughout with very little to no blueprints, but like you said, the Engine is marketed to allow full games built in Blueprints.

Hey lunix-

Programming in code will give have a very slight advantage in performance over blueprints. However the difference between the two would be nearly imperceptible during play. Any notable difference would likely be due to a bug that should be reported and we would aim to fix as quickly as possible. Blueprints are indeed intended for full game creation for those who do not have a programming background or are more visually minded. Hope this helps clear up some confusion for you. Best of luck in whichever format you choose to go with.


Thank you so much for your answer! This answers my question. I don’t mind the overhead at compile time, my main concern is the players experience and I would consider myself a visual programmer as blueprints is basically how I design code in my head anyways.