Is an upgrade of Unreal Remote 2 App required?


Trying to get new virtual camera with 4.26 to work. Following the instruction here:

I have been unable to get any listing in the LiveLink message bus menu.

The iPad seems to be able to reach the unreal PC port as it will connect the old Virtual Camera OK… so I don’t think it’s firewalls or UDP settings or LAN gremlins this time.

The Unreal Remote 2 app screen shot in the docs lists buildas “2.1.119 (RSApi 1.1, built: Nov 15 2020)”

The one I downloaded just now from the App store lists build “1.1 (Built: Sep 19 2019 14:33:09)”


Same struggle here.

But no answer yet.

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The “1.1 (Built: Sep 19 2019 14:33:09)” I just downloaded from the App Store is working fine for me. I’m using a VCam attached to a CineCamera in my character blueprint in UE4.26.

Be sure to enable the plugins as mentioned here


So it lists in live link for you? Can you describe what the ipad display shows at that point? At what stage does it stop saying “connecting”?

Thanks. Rangi.

Doesn’t list in live link… only the Face App appears there for me. I’m using an iPhone XR, and the display mirrors the UE viewport exactly after connecting. Also, it stops saying “connecting” after about 3 seconds.

Also confirmed that the remote app (same version) works on my iPhone 7 – and it runs a bit better actually. The iPhone XR version occasionally freezes for a few seconds, similarly freezing the remote camera, whereas the iPhone 7 one runs smoothly all the time.


Thanks DenRunner. So I feel the answer is still Yes, that an upgrade is required to use the Virtual Camara 2 as intended and described in the Quick Start tutorial. But you’re saying that it may be possible to work around it.


So to be clear - are you seeing the LiveLink connection with your iPhone XR? Does it still display build 1.1 on the Unreal Remote 2 app? Thanks.

The iPhone XR version works fine now, I forgot to close the Face Cap app which was running in the background. I’d suggest getting your hands on a cheap iPhone rather than waiting for a new version :smiley:

I use an iPad mini and I don’t see a live link connection. But it’s possible to connect with Unreal Remote 2 using the old fashioned way, just hit PLAY in Unreal Engine and the Ipad mirrors the viewport. The problem is, the new vcam UI gets destroyed, it’s cropped and not usebale.

I don’t know if you have seen this video, it’s the 4.26 presentation video, however if you look at 6:40 min, the guy is talking about a new vcam app that is called “Live Link VCAM”. You can see in the app description, that “You don’t need to use Unreal Remote 2 anymore.”

That is really confusing.

I can’t find the “Live Link VCAM” app anywhere

I can’t find the “Live Link VCAM” app anywhere