Is a Text Render Component more expensive than a UMG?

I’m curious and I will try some testing on my own but, I wanted to see if anyone knew if one is more expensive than the other.

For context. I will be using one or the other for debugging on a grid system. For localized debugging i want to be able to see the cell coords and cost of pathfinding so i figured i could either add a text render component to each cell with the information or create an actor that was a widget component and spawn at cell location. both will do the same job but i am curious to the best practice here

Text Render will be the most expensive, me thinks. Useful if you want to see something outside of PIE, though!


  • Draw Debug String - examples
  • Widgets will be more than fine (easiest on the eyes…)
  • the HUD class can draw things with blazing speeds… and it can look good but there’s upfront cost of hooking it up

thank you