Is > a programming shortcut for <>?

I’ve seen code posted here on AnswerHub that looks like this:

TSharedRef > JsonWriter


TArray> Items

I was wondering if, in C++, “>” is just shorthand for <>, or does it have another meaning? Thanks.

That’s “more than” operator in C++ as well, but in case of code snippets you’ve provided it should be something like

TShared<SomeType> JsonWriter;
TArray<SomeType> Items;

That’s none of these, it’s just a typo. Maybe syntax parser “eaten” some parts :slight_smile:

Based on the online documentation, what you’ve written makes sense. That fact that I’ve seen those two examples, and no one has indicated that it is a mistake, makes me think that it is either a shortcut or some new Unreal-specific reference. Using it as a shortcut seems counter-intuitive because I would have thought that the compiler would complain.

AnswerHub has an annoying habit of consuming things inside pointy braces as if it was a HTML tag (unless you post it as code), so it’s possible that that’s what happened in those other cases.

OK, that makes sense now. Thank you both very much.