Is a non replicating member variable of playerstate that only the server sets/gets "cheat secure"


I want to create something like a card deck for every player. Now it would fit nice for playerstate (since its about stuff every player has) but obviously its terrible if some crazy guys start reading the cards from memory…

Do players ever get any data if its not replicated and only accessed by things running on server (aka the gamemmode, or “run on server” events etc…)


Yes, replicated or not, it is secure.
The only way a client can change a value on the server version of the player state is if you created a client-to-server function to do so.

What would pervent me from reading the replicated variable from memory and know the next 3 cards that come? I did talk about “getting data” and “reading from memory”… that would be cheating aswell and I would not call that secure from an IT Security standpoint…

I get that I can not easily change the variable for the other machines

No, it would not prevent it from being read.
Apologies for that.
I tend to think of secure as in meaning the server : )
To me, nothing on the client is ever secure and if someone is going to cheat, they’re going to cheat.

I just wanted to know if someone KNOWS if the value of a NON REPLICATING VARIABLE could be sent from server to remote without using a specific event wich does so…

No, if a variable never sent to a client in anyway, a client will never know the value of that variable.