Is a fully opaque translucent decal possible?

In the content examples from UE4 (The Decals Level) I noticed that the decals with a fully black and white mask (the unreal symbol) still show some of the underlying texture (the wall) through them. Is it not possible to create fully opaque decals (for example grills in the floor) etc?

Is there no way to make translucent decals fully opaque (without showing the underlying material/object)

I think what you are looking for is an alpha mask.

I understand that you have to use an alpha mask. But even where the mask is 100% white it still shows the background objects/texture through the decal. It always remains slightly translucent.

You have to drop the alpha to 0.

I may be off-topic, but isn’t what you are trying to achieve called “Masked” Material and not “Translucent” Material ? There is 5 different settings in UE4 : Opaque, Masked, Transparent, Additive, and Modulate. What you are trying to achieve is, I believe, a Masked Material with either pure white or pure black values, right ?
If so, you can change this setting in your “Details” panel in Material Editor.

You can’t have a Masked Decal (Only Translucent for decals with Normal Maps) I think. Here are some screenshots from the Content Examples Decals Level.

There’s a bug with deferred decals where they do not affect the indirect lighting from lightmaps and skylights, I think that is what is happening here. We have been working on a solution to this, but unfortunately it’s not straight forward as it requires more samplers which means layered materials can’t use as many.

This is a really big bug since it makes decals pretty much useless unless they are emissive… Please solve this as soon as possible! I wouldn’t mind it if normal materials became more limited as a result, as long as decals actually WORK!

Ops, encountered the same bug… shame, it’s weird to have a limitation that even GoldSource doesn’t have…

You’re not alone.