Is 512 Min Lightmap resolution too much?

I had a tree in my game and one branch was too dark, really dark, almost black. After researching about it I increased the Min Lightmap Resolution from 64 to 128, then to 256, and finally to 512.
512 is perfect and the branch has the same color of the rest of the tree now.
However I don’t know if 512 is too much. Will it impact performance too much? Is 512 O.K.? What about loading times, RAM, etc.?
My FPS didn’t changed too much, everything looks good and I placed more than 2.000 trees.

Check ram usage and load times, as with all textures you’re fine until you hit ram limit on a platform then it cliffs.

Of course by the time you ship virtual texturing might be shippable, and you don’t have to worry (assuming virtual texturing works fine with your target platform)

You also need to look at more than the resolution. Yes, you’re using a 512x lightmap, but is it needed? The resolution is independent of the layout when it comes to performance. If you can improve your UV layout and use a 256x or lower, then you should, it’s just good practice.

Lightmaps don’t really impact FPS, they will impact streaming, GPU memory, and disk storage/load times.

Also foliage and static lighting aren’t that good together. Are you baking a bunch of trees or is this just a single, hero-ish tree? If it’s a bunch and you’re sticking with baked lighting, you might want to consider using just Volumetric Lightmaps for the trees. You’re already using them by default, albeit probably a low density.

Frenetic Pony and rosegoldslugs, thanks for the reply.
We made about 8 trees but it’s just a single tree needing the 512 lightmap, and yes, it was really necessary. There will be a lot of this tree at the map, something like 2.000.
Good to know the FPS will not be a problem.
However, as it will use memory, disk storage and will make the load times longer, I will avoid using this resolution when possible.

I would fine tune lightmass settings before increasing lightmap size.
2000 * 512^2 * (lightmap + shadowmap) = 1000Mb memory.

Wow, 1000mb is too much. Thanks Kalle_H!
I will research about how to fine tune the lightmass, and if it’s not possible, then I will use that tree less than the other trees.