Is 3d sound possible in UE4?

Attenuation works fine, but there is no HRTF positional sound (spatialize in attenuation settings does nothing). Anyone managed to get it work?

This is really strange, after i migrated my project for working on it with a new build the HRTF settings have disapeared on my new build too?

If you have the Oculus Audio Plugin activated the Hrtf sound options will apear in the Cue settings. For me the packifging will fail if i activate the Oculus Audio plugin, still trying to fix that. 3d sound id very noticable and important for immersion!

The Oculus Audio Plugin is probably abandoned. We have to wait until August when Epic will release the new audio system

Where did you get that information? Seems to me no reasson that 3d sound should be broken because of that? It is allready working so why would the packaging be a problem?