Ironbelly Middle Eastern Village Pack

**We’re very proud to announce the launch of our first enviro pack, the **Middle Eastern Village](

We’ve been making weapons for the Marketplace for two years now (time flies when you’re having fun) and lately we’ve been branching out a bit with an Open World Resource pack, OW Camping Pack and OW Food Pack but this our very first enviro pack and after months of blood, sweat and tears we are super excited to announce it’s launch

Update Success
We got confirmation that the update we were waiting for has been processed. It contains lighting and material update.

Features include:

  • Modular building materials
  • Brick walls, various sizes
  • ladders, etc

Now we’re pivoting a bit and working on a modular Enviro pack! We’ll post updates and answer any questions folks have, so feel free to let us know your thoughts!

I thought it would be interesting to use this post to give you a sneak peak into our preparation and planning process for a pack like this. This phase started 9 months before the release of the pack and lasted for weeks before we started modeling anything in 3D. The research process was ongoing over the course of the development of this pack. You can see the full gallery of sample concepts and reference images created or gathered here: Game Art Concepting and Planning - Middle Eastern Village - Album on Imgur

Went quiet on this for a bit, but we’re kicking it into high gear and hoping to launch this pack soon! Here’s another look at some of the buildings in the pack:

Wow, looks sweet! When do you think it’s going to get published?

We are putting the finishing touches on some things, so we’re hoping it will launch in the next few weeks!

Any updates?

Hey @phantom530 we are getting close! Here is another look! Putting the finishing touches on it this week :slight_smile:

We’re putting some finishing touches on the Middle Eastern Village Pack and then hitting launch! Let us know what you think and also what you’d like to see in future packs down the dusty road!

Are there interiors?

Yea, well I mean the pack is a modular building pack so you can assemble these buildings in any configuration you want with as many rooms inside as you want… We are including a bunch of interior props as well. We will probably update the pack down the road with an additional interior prop pack with more interior props as some of the rooms can be a bit bare but there are definitely interiors

This is so good! How long until completion? :slight_smile:

Oh it’s done and approved. We are just putting some finishing touches on the video preview and the screenshots… We should be able to launch it in the next couple of days

And we’re done. As mentioned above and on the store page we submitted a freebie beauty pass today as we got bored waiting for the packs approval after we submitted it so that should be live in the next day or two. Nothing is changing about the pack itself, we just went in and spent a few days improving the lighting above and beyond what we originally got approved with

(I’ve been waiting for the marketplace to get some adobe buildings; as far as I know there are none (until this), other than stylized low-poly)

Those are nice palm trees too but they don’t appear to be included; are the trees/plants available somewhere else?

Hey J. yea they are coming in the next update to this pack which is awaiting Epic’s approval. Hoping to have it up today

Fantastic - thank you!

Ok, pull that update now and let me know, the tree’s are in there for sure, just search for palm in the content browser and they should come up.

If you haven’t watched the fly-through for this pack here’s your chance!

I haven’t had a chance to grab it yet (busy with other things), so apologies if this doesn’t apply - just a quick note / tweak suggestion based on the images&video in case any future updates are planned: those rows of poles poking out the sides of walls near the top of the wall/building - AFAIK they’re the ends of the joist beams that support the roof. In the pictures, they’re placed at the very top of the wall - above the roof - so they vanish on the other side of the wall rather than entering the wall further down where the roof is. (In the props-collection image it looks like their position on the wall is built into the props)

perhaps a little more design research should have been done ?? lol. but still nice pack.