Iron age : Conquest

Iron age: Conquest is a first person survival action game set in times of iron age. Dynamic combat system with realtime blocking and range system is its core on which additional survival features are expanded, such as collecting resources, building structures, hunting for animals, fun siege system and harsh weather conditions.
Besides the multiplayer aspect, the map is settled with many villages that are operated and run by AI villagers and guards which pose challenge for player, as well as opurtunity to trade and raid. Every resource with exception of core basic resources can be sold in villages in exchange for gold, which allows quicker and more strategic approach for players to their location and resource operation additional to purchase of stronger equipment.
Harsh and mild biomes offer great diversity to location for base building and strategic trade areas. Biome has significant impact on gameplay as it affects the amount of required time is being spent on basic condition upkeep such as drinking of water, placement of fire and heating objects, traveling speed, growth rate of husbandry animals and else.
Featured factions are: Roman, Gaul, Iceni and Germanic. Additional factions are planned for later, for greater diversity but focus is to complete alpha version with playable content, without extending project too much into secondary tasks.
If you find interest in realtime combat simulations, survival, strategic approach to gameplay or ancient history, then this project might be in interest to you.

features include:

1.Dynamic fighting and siege system:
For combat player is able to use weapons only, or to use them with shield equiped. Range combat allows use of bows, javelins and slings.
Any items for siege has to be built by players, which allows great protection against sieging players, as well as gives attacker advantage to destroy any part of built items in game. Anything from catapult, siege tower, ladders or ballista can be used.

**2.Three different gameplay modes: **
Survival, invasion and conquer. Each of them packed with similar features but providing large diversity by focusing players against each other, AI or other aspects of gameplay.

3.Dynamic weather:
Weather system is dynamic along with sky, which is controled by TrueSky system. Temperature is set by height of landscape, the higher the player goes the lower the temperature will be, which poses harsher living conditions but on other hand additional protection due to less visitors and dangerous animals.
Seasons additionally provide well thought resource use as players have to spare certain resources for winter seasons when they become sparse or very expensive for purchase. This for example includes grain storages which are low during winter season as players cannot plant and grow it at that time.

4.Building system:
Ability to build anything is player given right, but not all buildings are easily built. Some altough very powerful require significant amount of resources, which forces players to store them well and protected to achieve such goal. Simpler buildings like small houses will require less resources, but they can be easily raided and provide player for little protection on stored items.

Roaming animals are present around every corner of the map, from wild dangerous animals like snakes or bears to domnestic animals like pig, providing resources for players and perhaps some careful eye on traveling.

Items can be crafted if required resources are collected. Anything from weapons to accessory can be created and worn by player, or simply sold.

Core building and survival resources such as trunk logs, rocks, campfires and more.


Helmets, weapons and shields:


Craftable armor parts. Woolen or fur armor increases temperature for cold protection but decreases overall armor from damage protection. Its up to player to balance it out.


Siege equipment:


Storage items:




Plants either nature ones or resource growing plants.


Building structures such as fences, palisades, walls, towers and more.




Transport storage items, serving as “extra” inventory.




Expensive accesory armor and weapons, avalible only to higher ranking players.


Dogs controlable by player.


This looks awesome :smiley:

These assets look amazing!

Meat drying/smoking pannels. Left is small one for only 1 resource at a time, middle one is larger for multiple, right is for hide (hide drying pannel), far right long sticks resource needed to make them.

Perch fish.

Underwater plants.

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Thanks for letting me know, cleared it up.

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Wasnt pleased with previous textures so i made new one. Height blending doesnt yet work well with stone tex, not sure why becouse alpha is correct on blending.

i want to help whti this project i am a enviroment artist skype djenco haan

I have sent you PM.

Got rhino done, corrected some pbr textures.

Two celtic helmets added.

Redid the scutum textures, also added for all shields bronze versions which will allow player to craft shields either with iron or bronze, where iron is more rare resource but stronger.

Beautiful assets indeed ! So, so nice !!

Redid the river ground texture completly. Might add POM, maybe not, rocks arent deep and its always good to spare on performance if possible.

Also reddid celtic helmet and added dynamic sky system.

Ibex. Animations to be done soon.

Assets are cool!

Changed the goat anatomy and texture to be bit more realistic, left is old one, right new one.

Same for wild boar.

Remade fire torch and some little corrections added to frog.

Some shields, tools and stuff.

We are moving nicely along on animations for animals, gameplay still needs to pick up a bit currently work is being done on inventory and building. Next is probably server hosting system.

Nice assets, please contact me @janpec, I´would like to talk about a few things, thanks