IPlatformFile::FindFilesRecursively found nothing at ProjectSavedDir on Android

Hi, I found an API IPlatformFile::FindFilesRecursively that can be use in 4.18. And I want to get all pak files under the /Saved/Paks/ folder (I put all pak files there for auto mounted). So I try to use this api to find all file under ProjectSavedDir. But I got an empty array as return value. Below is the code snip:

TArray< FString > FoundFilenames ;
IPlatformFile& PlatformFile = FPlatformFileManager :: Get( ).GetPlatformFile( ) ;
FString Path = FString :: Printf( TEXT( "%sPaks/" ), *FPaths :: ProjectSavedDir( ) );
PlatformFile.FindFilesRecursively( FoundFilenames , *Path , TEXT( "pak" ) ) ;

The FoundFilenames array are empty. How can I resolve this problem? The build configuration what I used was development.

The documentation is misleading here:

To make this function actually return all files one shall pass TEXT("*") to the files parameters, so in order to get all files with extension pak one shall pass TEXT("*.pak") there so it will look like:

IFileManager::Get().FindFilesRecursive(FoundFilenames , *Path , TEXT( "*.pak" ) ) ;