iPhone models: Compatibility with Live Link Face and ARKit

Hey, guys! I have to buy an iPhone for facial mocap. I’ve heard some devs have been facing problems with iPhone 8 and data transfer to MetaHuman. So…

Once for all, what are the iPhone models compatible with Live Link Face and ARKit?

(P.S.: If there’s an alternative for iPhone, I’ll be all ears.).

You need an iphone X


An iPhone XR doesn’t do the trick, does it?

An iPhone XR doesn’t do the trick, does it?

Yes it does. All models post 2017 (Iphone X and beyond, with the exception of I think iphone SEs) include True Depth cameras (i.e. the device which allows depth estimation of the captured scene. It is mandatory for Apple FaceID or Unreal IOS facial mocap).
So iPhone X, Xs, Xmax, XR, 11/11 Pro, 12/12 pro, 13/13 pro should all support this. And in particular the XR (I have this model, Unreal live link face works well). I guess that recent iPads are also supporting this feature. Cheers.

Oh! Thank you for confirming it!