iOS Turn-based Gamecenter Multiplayer

I’m looking at adding turn-based multiplayer to my game but need some help starting out. I can get the Multiplayer Game screen to come up to find a match but what holds and transfers the match data? Is this the Turn Based Match Interface? If so how do you store the value in it?

It’s not a direct answer but I remember seeing some tutorials on YouTube a while back regarding turn based development in UE4. Have you had a chance to check those yet?

Thanks, but I don’t think any of those deal with iOS Game Center which is what I’m looking for.

Im having the same issue, did you find the solution?

As far as i found, first you need to implement Turn Based Match Interfase in actor, then you can connect it to Match Actor pin, and store any data in it.

If you are able to get this to work I would love to know how as there are no examples.

Actualy i don’t. I can invite player to game, but it seems they both play theirs own games) I did not achieve any interactions between them.