iOS rendering error - precision error with AWP or Distance shader nodes

Hi Eric, I was wondering if you by chance have any ETA on this bug? thanks!

There isn’t an update at this time. The current target is listed as 4.13 for a fix, but this could likely get pushed out to a later release depending on other priorities.

This is a floating point overflow. Pixel shader on es2 devices uses medium floating precision which has range about [-65000, 65000]. Distance and normalize functions work without overflow only for vectors with magnitude less than 255. Because to compute distance, device needs to compute sum of vector components squares. In 4.13 we have added an option to use full precision in pixel shader on devices that support it. (Material → Mobile → Use Full Precision). So you will need to rework this material to not use Absolute World Position in pixel shader. Or wait for 4.13 to come out.

that’s awesome! thanks for the update!