iOS - Point light causes material to vanish in distro build

I have a movable point light inside my First Person Character (like a torch) which causes any instanced static mesh material within the falloff radius to vanish - but ONLY on my distribution builds (dev build installed using UE4 iPhone Packager works fine as does PIE).

I’m assuming this is a Metal specific issue, and likely caused by me not knowing what I’m doing with the mesh and material. Strange that it isn’t ocurring in PIE or dev build on device.

Very difficult to debug seeing as it ONLY occurs after uploading to Appstore Connect and installing via Testflight.

Tried UE4.22, 4.21 and various versions of xcode (remote compile) and got same result every time. Replicated the issue in a clean project by adding the same instanced meshes (procedurally generated) and a point light inside the FP character. Removal of point light resolves the issue.

Any thoughts or suggestions?