iOS Metal; Will Epic Give Us Post Processing?


Apple’s new Metal API is said to be a real performance booster for iDevices.
So will Epic now enable more post processing or full post processing power?

I believe now it’s possible to strike a good balance between performance and visuals with post processing on iOS.
Am I wrong?

Epic said they will release Metal API code in UE4 at an appropriate after their NDA’s are lifted.

Quote from Josh Adams at WWDC:

We are very excited about the new
levels of graphical quality and
efficiency made possible by Metal, and
will be making Zen Garden available in
the App Store after iOS 8’s public
release, as well as making the Metal
code in Unreal Engine 4 available at
an appropriate time after the beta
access NDAs are lifted.

I gathered as much. But no NDA prevents Epic from letting us know if advanced PC like post processing will be available or not. This is not up to Apple. Epic can choose to let us know. This NDA is about the API, and code…

Metal wont improve fill rate performance significantly. It is going to be very slight if not negligible. The real benefit here is large amount of draw calls and most of the improvements are on the cpu side of things. I would not expect better post processing performance by utilizing metal. Sources: WWDC Recap, Zen Garden & Metal API for iOS8 | News | Unreal Engine - YouTube