IOS Metal Shader Compiler Crash in 4.16

Hi, I build my project for IOS on windows, when cooking the content, it is crashed with check(bNative == false || OfflineCompiledFlag == 1) in MetalShaderCompiler.cpp 1593 line.

I don’t know which material caused it crashed,it is ok with metal preview ,and with 4.15.3 , the cooking content process is ok.


I’m having this issue as well, but I’m compiling a c++ project. Could this be the problem as I read in the manual that only pure blueprint projects are supported for remote Mac compiling?


I have checked to compile with a mac,and it is the same result.

Thank you for your reply! I will test it and give a response.


Uncheck Share Material Shader Code in Packaging settings

Dose this works?

In my memory, the problem was solved.