iOS Metal Devices Deploy And Rendering artifacts

Dear Unreal,

I’ve recently launched my game to iOS, iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 10.2. I have a few questions to ask, please refer below

  1. I’ve tried to turn on deferred rendering for A8 processor and above in project settings page but game installed successfully, but unable to open game in phone, there’s an error of " You must have a Metal compatible iOS with iOS 8…" If i turn off this and turn on only Forward Rendering (A7 and above) then it works fine.
  2. Secondly, there’s certain parts of the in game graphics has some sorts of “light globe”, if i turn around the scene, the “light globe” will dissappear depends on angle, i’m not sure what is this, as all the lights are static and there’s sphere reflection capture in the scene. I tried launch on Android but everything looks fine… Please check the attachment and advise.
  3. Thirdly, sometimes the game able to run through a widget (In my case a monster name should appear), sometimes it crashed even the widget haven’t show up. Please advise. It works well in Android.

I tried on Open GL ES2 and turn off metal rendering for both deferred and forwarding rendering metal, the “Light Globe” artifact gone… so does this means this has bug or…?? please advise

Update : I tried on iPad Pro 12.9 the artifact gone when i use the forward rendering with metal, so what is the real problem behind this? my iPhone 7 Plus still has the problem. and if i turn on the deffered rendering the iPad not recognize as well say must have the compatible device. As i believe my iPhone 7 Plus using the iPhone 6S Plus profile as i added some settings there it reflect on the game. So should i create a new profile? Can someone let me know a good way to create the profile? as i’m not sure how iPhone recognize the model and should i just create one using iPhone 7 Plus name?

Any updates on this?

Any updates on this matter? Is it profile problem for iphone 7 plus?

Any updates on this? As it’s quite urgent for me as we need to launch the app soon. Hope can solve this matter… I tried move lights, reflection capture, still same. Tested on iPhone 6S Plus with Metal Enable, it looks okay, but on iPhone 7 Plus looks terrible like above, light globe everywhere.

Hey Dizzy,

It looks like you have three separate issues here that would be better to post these separately.

  1. I’ve not been able to reproduce this one in 4.15 yet, which you can now try in the 4.15 previews. I tested this on an Ipad Mini and Iphone 5S that I currently have access to.
  2. I’ve not been able to reproduce the “light globe” effect you have in my test scenes I’ve created. Are you able to recreate this outside of your project? If so, can you provide a test project or detailed steps to recreate this?
  3. Please post this as a separate issue. Include any steps to recreate the issue in a fresh project, logs for the crash, etc.

Thank you!


Dear Tim, I’ve tried to package and install in my iPhone 7 Plus using 4.15 P1 but the app crashed upon opening.

Dear Tim, I’ve attached a link for the sample project file which i migrate a few main factor of lighting my existing scene to a new project, i’m able to reproduce the light globe near the building area after launch to iPhone 7 Plus iOS 10, and in my current game, there’s some particles having this problem as well. Package in OPEN GL ES2 doesn’t has any problem but only METAL has this problem. please advise. in iPhone 6S plus is same as well. please advise soonest. as the Preview in viewport do not show this artifact in high-end mobile preview.



Thank you for your repro project :). I don’t have that particular device here and it doesn’t repro on the devices I do have. I’ve created a ticket (UE-40978) so this can be looked at by someone who has the same device to hand.

It seems like 4.15 P2 solve the problem.

Workaround to fix artifacts is to remove normal map from an Ornaments material. Missing normalmap will not be noticeable on device as ornaments geometry is very small. We will work on a proper fix for 4.16.