[IOS] Local Multiplayer Issue


Let me start at what I have already done. Using “OnlineSubsystemNull”, I was able to create a LAN based FPS deathmatch. Where you can have 8 players connect and shoot each other. After packaging anyone can become the Server and the others can connect to them as clients. And you can play the game.

Now what I want to do is, shift this to the iOS platform. So on the MAC with xcode installed, I changed the Engine settings to use, “OnlineSubsystemIOS”, I changed the “Build.cs” to also load the same. I enabled GameCenter in the “iOS” settings under Platform.

Now after packaging, when I run the game on the iPhone, I am unable to search or create sessions. And in the Log I see, that the OnlineSubsystems were created properly. But is unable to create the session. And throws the following

Failed to create session delegate”

Let me know if any one has any clue as to how to resolve this, or if I am missing any step.
Thank you in advance

@Red_666_Devil Did you ever find a solution?