Ios DOF issue

UE4.9 P2:The game on iphone6 plus crashes if I toggle the DOF on,if I turn the DOF off, the packaged game never crashes.Maybe a bug?Thanks!Here’s the screenshot of the DOF setting(Actually,any of the DOF method will cause crash on iphone):


Hello his333555,

I have set up a test project in 4.9 P2 and I have attempted to turn on Depth of Field for mobile.

If you would please link me the steps of how you are setting DOF up in your project.


For test purposes,I create an empty default level with a postprocessing volume and turn on DOF like above picture and package for ios,sadly,it still crashes…

Hello his333555,

Here is a link to our documentation on mobile development. There is a section on post processing and what is currently being supported on the mobile platform.


Thanks but I know that of course,it indeed says that DOF is supported on mobile except it is a little bit expensive,and I have successfully run it on ios before,but this time with 4.9 fails…

I tested for 4.9 preview3,the crash still occurs…

I think this problem started way before 4.9. I’m on 4.8.3 and DOF is crashing for me also. iOS 8.1.2. Strangely on iOS7 everything seems fine.

Any information on this crash?Thanks again!

Hello his333555,

If you would link me your machines DxDiag.

Also if you would report the crash when it occurs and then link me your machine ID. We have a database that records all crashes and I will find your particular crash report.

The last step is to link me your content, config, and your .uproject file. I will attempt to recreate your issue with your project so there is little to no guess work about what could be causing this crash.


Thanks for the reply!Sorry I don’t know how to check the machineID on ios,and my project is so large and my network is not so fast,maybe I cannot upload it successfully,but here’s the dxdiag file:link text

Hello his333555,

Currently I have tested this on my computer in a stand alone game as well as launched it to an IOS device.

At this time DOF and other features are still experimental on IOS devices even though they are supported across later versions.

My suggestion would be to not use DOF and I will continue to look into this matter for you.


Thank you!If you have any new information,please tell me.I hope this will be fixed in the final 4.9 release.