Invoice Numbers?

So… I didn’t publish anything on Marketplace yet, I’d like to know if there’s an automated way to query invoice numbers already; Or sellers must still send emails asking Epic if such invoice is valid?!?
Plugin developers could query an online API provided by epic to use invoice numbers as activation serial if such api is in place. We all know how ppl pirate everything and the email way of handling everything is kind of, not ideal.

No, there is no such system in place at the moment.

Everytime you need to check someone’s invoice then you have to email Epic’s staff?
That is slow process, they said they was looking into this in 2014, nothing changed yet?

Hi Bruno! We’re actually launching the brand-new Seller Portal in the very near future (in testing now) and this is one of the planned features for the system. It won’t be in the initial release as it gets up and running, but this is a high priority feature (we don’t like being a bottleneck to this any more than you do) and I’m pushing to have that and realtime sales data as soon as possible after the initial release.

That’s good news! So the real-time sales data won’t be in the initial rollout, though? :frowning:

Correct, but it will follow soon after. The primary reason for that is making absolutely sure that all the data is perfectly accurate all the way to the endpoint of finance doing payouts, so that there won’t be any discrepancies when planning what your income will be. :slight_smile: It’s literally just flipping a switch to activate it once we’re happy that all the data is accurate, I’m just being extremely picky with it because payout amounts and sales are really important.

That sounds really great! Looking forward to it :wink:

If you need people for a beta test, just say a word :smiley:

Good news @Jones, thanks for sharing.