Invisible Walls?

Hi guys 'n gals,
I’ve been messing around with cubes in Unreal Editor and I’ve been wondering how to create Invisible Walls. I tried using glass material, yet everything reflects from this material. I tried opening up blueprint but I have no idea what is causing material to reflect everything. Is there a simpler way I’m overlooking to create invisible walls?

  • Ryan S

Edit: Thanks all! Great support!

Dear Ryan,

Go into Windows->Tools,

press F2 to find your builder brush

size it to wall you want

click on Volumes->Blocking Volume (in tools planel)

And then create it!


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You probably want to use a volume for that. In Modes window, find Volumes and select Blocking Volume. Drag that into your level and you’ll see that it’s Collision Presets is already at InvisibleWall.

Hope that helps!

Hi everyone, even though I place my player start position inside this volume, game starts outside of cube and wont let me in… any ideas on why?


ended up creating 4 of them to make composition… :slight_smile: