inverted hull technique to make outlines around character - not synching properly with animations

hi guys
ive duplicated my skeletal mesh with anim bp and applied a twosidedsign to it with the vertex normals pushed a bit away from the original mesh. So the outline works fine, until i go into the game and the character starts animating. The two skeletal meshes seem out of sync when using the Blendspace1D(other animations are syncing fine) even tho they have the exact same proportions rotation etc, and same animation blueprint(only difference being the outline mesh is slightly fatter, but its not the issue since the legs are at a completely different frame as the other mesh.

any clue why blendspace1d is messing with the hull?

it was weird but i was able to get it to work . i attached the second skinnedmesh to the first one, and now it works.