Inventory Open with "A" button press in oculus quest 2

Hi! I am a new unreal developer and i am trying to make a simple VR project. I made an inventory system (a disk with a widget) and i put it on “BP_MotionController”. I made it hidden in game and i would like to unhide it when i press the “A” button on my oculus controlers. So i went to Edit>Input>AchionMapping and i make a new action “inventory” with the “A” button ( and i make sure that the button i want didn’t used to an other action). In my BP_MotionController’s Event graph i make the blueprint below but it didn’t work. Any ideas what i have done wrong??

Thanks for your time!!!

I think it has to go into the MotionControllerPawn blueprint. That’s where mine is and it is working. I have it on Press, not release, not sure if that matters