Inventory Examine Interface

100% Blueprint Inventory Interface with item pickup, examine (3D tumble and turn), put back, drop, throw and use actions!

[video]Unreal Engine Inventory Examine Interface - YouTube

The Inventory Examine Interface is a blueprint driven Inventory system great for escape room, puzzle solving, treasure hunts and adventure games. This system allows you to pick up objects in the game, examine them by tumbling them around in 3D, then take them into your inventory. You can drop the items, throw the items or use the items depending on what it is. Also included in the system are ‘Interact’ object blueprints to activate/animate/open/close things like drawers and doors when you click on them and connect them to items in your inventory like keys and other tools.

Fully 3D turn and tumble of item being examined
Inventory assets obey physics and gravity rules for throwing and dropping actions
Create items to be picked up and taken into inventory
Create items to be picked up and examined, but not taken (too big or heavy like a desk)
Create items to be interacted with in the world like doors and drawers that tie directly into items in your inventory like keys or lock picks
Examine and Take Menu
Examine Only Menu
Inventory Menu Interface with roll over action buttons (Drop, Use, Throw)
Heavily commented modifiable blueprint system
Pre-set blueprint class Templates and step by step instructions makes it easy to add your items to the inventory system
Templates include variables for setting up item name, description, thumbnail, 3D mesh to use when examining the item close up, if the item is ‘Takable’, ‘Usable’ and more
Completely customizable and modifiable to suit your individual requirements
Migrate-able to new or existing projects

Technical Details
Some knowledge of how blueprints work is recommended for editing and customizing
Intended platform: Works on Windows and Mac
Demo scene included showcasing Take-able items, Examine Only Items, Usable Items, Throw-able Items, Interact Items (opening drawer), and Interact Item with lock (unlocked with key when in inventory)
Compatible in 4.14 and 4.15


Special thanks to Tom Looman, Jonathan Daley and Wes Bunn whose tutorials and concepts drove this project.

video link: Unreal Engine Inventory Examine Interface - YouTube

PDF instructions link:

Support site link:

  • Jerry

If you are running into Texture Streaming issues, which are making the textures in the Sample level lo-res/Blurry or the migrated level- Go into the First Person Character and remove the references to the Instructions. The instructions included inside the level are fairly hi-res images so they are readable. But they also take up a lot of texture ram. See screen shot below for what to remove:


Also REMOVE/Delete the Tutorial Flip Page which references all of the images. Highlighted in Red in the image above.

I’m trying to use the ability to use this inventory with my already interactive (character interactions on marketplace). It seems that I can only use one game mode at a time. Is there a way to implement this blueprint with the other. Lets say that I want to use this in third person rather than first. Is it possible? I am really trying to follow all instructions to this blueprint, but as a beginner, it’s tough to spend hours troubleshooting when there is probably an easier workaround.

@Elleclouds - Yes you should be able to use this system with other systems, however it was built for first person use primarily. I have not worked with 3rd person game mode personally. But if you take the same concepts that are in this system and port them over to the new player it should work just fine. It may take some initial copying and pasting and re-connecting. Sorry I cant be of more help on this particular need.

hey guys! i really love this BP its make a lot of work easier, my only problem at the moment is that i need to change between first and third character person, and cant make it work in the second, so my question is how can i achieve that? make the 3rd person character use the same BP control with crossair etc. Thank you and sorry for my english.

@Canem56 - The challenge with the crosshair portion is that in the 3Rd person mode, the Character is in the middle of the screen, and in First Person the CrossHair/cursor is in the middle of the screen. So when the character is there, there can be no ‘cross hair’ to center over items in the level. You can take all the functionality of what is inside the BasePB and the InventoryBPs, and maybe add a collision detection for when you get close to an object, and then press a key to take it into your inventory. OR as you run over things, it can bring up the Examine Interface? Several ways to go about it.

Well im working in a project entirely with First Person but, wanted to make via BPs something like change from FP to 3rd…like any FPS game…(H1Z1, kinda) that way i can have a better view of distances, measures etc.

hi there i just purchased this not long ago and was excited to use it but like the others i have seen it is made for first person this throws a curve ball i don’t know how to solve at the current lvl of experience with unreal engine… this is a great product but could you please do a tutorial how to use in another setting besides 1st person i really have no clue how to do this at all… i do not even know where to start matter of fact… not even sure what to search for to maybe find something similar… i think all of your customers here would be very pleased to have a detailed tutorial to manipulate this bp set with different views 3rd person etc… any starting tips for how i would try to get this to work…

You could try to do the opposite of what this person is doing: which is switching camera position (POV) - the catch with First Person is, is that there is no body/animation just a camera. So you would need to take the animation from the 3rd Person and put that into your First Person character, then move the camera back and forth from First Person POV to over the shoulder or 3rd person. Let me know if that is something that you can get figured out.

FIX FOR DEPTH OF FIELD ISSUE AT START - Currently when you start the level, the sky is blurry. Here is the fix below. Open the First Person Character blueprint, and add the following nodes (in red) to the Event Begin Play area.


This will reset the Depth of Field to default settings.

This will be fixed in the next release and updated past releases.

Hey thx for the fix but i cant add the ‘SET Post Process Settings’… any ideas?

There is no way you can help migrate from your template to Firstperson? I have no idea how to “reconnect the wires”? That is why I bought it. Please help

@bobtheturtle - Id be happy to help you out. Please email for quicker response. The package is created in Firstperson. Are you trying to migrate to a different first person, or third person project? If you migrating to another first person project, instructions for this are included in the sample level, and can be found here: under step 1.

Let me know if you have a specific question about migrating it over and I’ll be happy to help. Best wishes,


I bought your marketplace product for a school project. I’m a Animation Student under Fine Arts Faculty so my knowledge about coding is really limited. I’m working on my blueprint skills aswell but I’m not good, so here is my question:

  • I’m using a main interface for my player that shows players energy, health etc. When I press ‘I’ and open inventory, and close it, my main interface goes away. How can I dmake my main interface stuck to the screen, and nothing happens to it?

I’m desperate, I have a presentation on June 7, and I have to solve this one.


@Usetengray - thanks for your note! Ok - in the First Person Character Blueprint is where you will find this. Open this up and do a search for Remove All Widgets… every time you see this, it is removing ALL the widgets from the display including yours. Find each one, and instead, replace them with Remove From Parent node, and plug what ever Widget is being shown in that section. Usually there will be a 'Create XXXXX Widget" node earlier in the thread. (where XXXX is the name of the widget being displayed). Plug this Return Value into the Target of the Remove from Parent.

IF for some reason you cant get this to work… After each REMOVE ALL WIDGETS, you can ADD back in yours to display yours after inventory is closed.

Let me know if either one of those work.

Best wishes,

Thank you, it is solved :wink:

Hi - Just bought this and I plan on using as much as I can from it for a Third Person Escape the Room game - I will probably have many questions as I work through migrating it :slight_smile:

but first thing I saw just playing with the demo level is - the drawers don’t open and there’s an error

“Blueprint Runtime Error: Accessed None trying to read property CallFunc_CreateLevelSequencePlayer_ReturnValue from function: ‘ExecuteUbergraph_BP_Interact_child_Drawer’ from node: Play in graph: EventGraph in object: BP_Interact_child_Drawer with description: Accessed None trying to read property CallFunc_CreateLevelSequencePlayer_ReturnValue”

Hi, Havent seen that error - is that playing straight out of ‘the box’ or is that after you have migrated it? Looks like you are missing the Sequence assets that go along with the blueprint scripts that call them. Try opening fresh version (straight from download) and see if the drawers open. If they do, then you just need to locate the sequences and make sure you transfer them over as well. Let me know if that is the issue.

Hi - Nope this is straight from the “Create Project” project in 4.17 - I did a Create Project for 4.16 to see if that might be the issue but I haven’t had a chance to test it yet

I do have two sequences in the folder “Sequences”

The problem is NOT present in 4.16 - so it’s cool - I will use the 4.16 version… good for now :slight_smile: