Inventory Examine Interface

Hi - Nope this is straight from the “Create Project” project in 4.17 - I did a Create Project for 4.16 to see if that might be the issue but I haven’t had a chance to test it yet

I do have two sequences in the folder “Sequences”

The problem is NOT present in 4.16 - so it’s cool - I will use the 4.16 version… good for now :slight_smile:

Found the issue… Unreal must have changed the way Sequences are called in blueprints in 4.17 Below is the fix. Find BP_Interact_child_Drawer (and Drawer2) And replace how the sequence is called with the below nodes instead:


Cool - thanks for figuring it out so fast :slight_smile:

Time for a new question :slight_smile:

I’ve successfully made a pick up item - everything almost works… When I first examine the item (it’s a chess piece) it’s perfect I can tumble around it and it’s good - but after I take it and it’s in Inventory, and then I select it to examine it again - the rook is not tumbling about it’s center, I think it’s tumbling around it’s (the rook’s) pivot point - even though in the Inventory BP I’ve lowered the rook so the center of it is at the origin of the BP

I’m hoping I won’t have to export / center pivot / re import all my meshes and that I just missed one little thing :slight_smile:

If its the same mesh being used for both Pick up and Inventory, then you shouldnt need to change anything with the pivot. The pivot should be at the point around which you want to tumble - you ‘may’ need to check your original model to see if this is the case.

It is the same mesh, and the mesh pivot point it at its base, but in your blue print I have lowered the mesh lower than the floor. Its weird that it works before taking it but not when viewing from inventory

I think I know what the issue is… there is a component mesh called Sphere Rotate within those blueprints… which is actually what is rotating (the mesh is parented to the sphere)… So… make sure the component Sphere is positioned where you want the pivot to be.

I think I know what the issue is… there is a component mesh called Sphere Rotate within those blueprints… which is actually what is rotating (the mesh is parented to the sphere)… So… make sure the component Sphere is positioned where you want the pivot to be.

Hmmm sorry, the sphere is still in the very center of the blueprint

I think the “Attach” node moves the origins to the same spot (thus moving the chess piece up) just a guess

all the attaches and detaches are deprecated BTW - but I tried swapping them to the new node (AttachToComponent, etc…) and it did not change the behavior

Here’s another question :slight_smile: - as I go through and find areas I would refactor - would you want to see them? post them here? For instance in a few areas you take the “This Takable or Not” enum and check if it’s equal to “Takable” and feed that to a branch - and I would just switch on the Enum :slight_smile: it doesn’t change the functionality - but it’s easier for me to read :slight_smile:


I am back with yet another question :slight_smile:

I want to add a “Serial Number” variable to a key - so I did to the pick up item - how / where would I pass that new variable onto the Inventory item? I’ve added the field to the struct (because I plan on using it for other items anyway) but I am missing where the variables (such as item description and Item Name) get transferred over to the Inventory counterpart - hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Nevermind I found it

Hi I want to ask a question if anyone managed to make a save state to keep your items in your inventory. When you go to another level?
Because I’m trying to take an item, and keep that item on me, when I go to another level by doing a hard transition.

Kallinyo, you might want to post this as a new thread on the blueprint forum, where there might be a larger audience who has done this before with other packages.

I think I managed to figure out, though I have another question. How do you make it from first person to third person, While making the mouse replace the cursor that was in the first person mode?

This particular inventory examine system was built for 1st person only as a demo. You can take parts and pieces and re-purpose them into any other system. It is quite modular but you will need to know blueprint scripting to start modifying it to fit your custom purpose/project.

Can you please share how you managed to get the save feature successful?

My purpose of the save is to store in the save file which items are in the inventory. In theory I think it’s simple yet I still wasn’t able to do it. Items are taken into the inventory once the “take” button in the Examine Widget is pressed. When I hit save, the list of items in inventory should be saved. Now, when load is pressed, each item in the saved list should have the same "take " functionality applied, at EventBeginPlay. That simple. Still couldn’t do it yet.

Can you please share your experience?

Im not very experienced in Third Person blueprints… maybe someone else here can weigh in on their success in transferring First Person BPs to Third Person BPs, and the associated things to watch out for.

Hi! I’m just wondering if there is anyway to make it so that when I use a key to open a door, the key that was used is destroyed, instead of having to open the inventory and dropping it after. I have basic knowledge in blueprints, but am unsure of how to tackle this. Would there be a way to drop the item when the door is clicked on for example?