Invalid IPA under 4.6

We migrated a 4.5 project that we’ve been successfully building and distributing through TestFlight. After migrating to 4.6, we get the following error upon uploading to

'Invalid IPA: missing embedded provisioning profile. Are you sure this is an ad hoc?'

We did copy the provisioning profile to the 4.6 Engine/Build/iOS folder, and the project settings seem to see them:

The build happens without errors and produces an .ipa file, but TestFlight rejects the file.

Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated, as our weekly build had to be cancelled because of this.

Thank you!

Same problem hear - no solution so far…

When creating the IPA are you selecting Distribution under the Package Settings? I don’t believe Test Flight will accept an IPA with a mobile provision that is not Ad Hoc which is created in UE4 utilizing the Distribution option under the File|Package|Packaging Options.


Yes. We’re using the exact same settings as we’ve been using for months under 4.2 - 4.5 to create the builds:

Build Configuration: Shipping
Full Rebuild: Yes
For Distribution: Yes

Could you post a log of the File|Package run?


Here you go: Build Log

Ok, first thing, you have a lot of provisions which is a good test for us :). To create the final package Xcode is utilizing the “iPhone Distribution: Empirical Development LLC” signing identity with the “Empirical Development Wildcard In House Profile”. Is that the provision you were expecting to be used? If so, then it should be working correctly. If not, then we need to figure out why Xcode chose that provision as opposed to the one you were expecting.

That is the correct profile and identity. Let me try uploading it again and see if it still gives the error.

Well, now, that’s weird. Today, TestFlightApp is accepting the build. Maybe it was a problem on their end. Sorry to have bothered you.

Edit: or maybe not. It didn’t give an error message, but the new build is not there. Let me investigate further.

No it’s actually ok because I did notice that our provision validation check is failing when it checked against the one that was finally chosen by Xcode. There definitely is still a bug in how we determine what provision should be used.

Yes, second attempt to upload gave the original error message, so looks likes something is still off. :frowning:

It has to process the build I believe before it becomes available. It took about 30 minutes or so before one of mine became available.

What was the error message?

'Invalid IPA: missing embedded provisioning profile. Are you sure this is an ad hoc?

That happened after a second build and upload? Do you have the log from the second build?

I think it was the app generated by the build I already sent you the log for.

Ok according that log, you should have had an ipa called Distro_FP-IOS-Shipping.ipa in /Users//Desktop/IOS. Is that the one you pushed up? (Just making sure :))

It was, yes. I deleted the previous build before creating it, too, just to make sure.

ok, so the IPA is just a zip file, so you can extract it and look at the files. Check to see if it has an embedded.mobilprovision, if so, open that up with a text editor and verify it is the one you expect. If it doesn’t have one, then we’ll have to figure out why.

Heh, okay. I just deleted it. Let me re-do the build and I’ll do it. I’ll also attempt an upload to make sure the build has the same problems.