Invalid foliage


H have a question regarding the foliage tool. I am creating a forest level and I have a lot of grass and tress but the problem is when I press “Select invalid” I got a lot of invalid tress.

If I did not solve this problem does that affect my level when creating the executable file? if yes then is there an easy way to solve it except redoing the tress again!

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Same problem here

Same problem here:
Some of my foliage was floating in the air, selecting “collision with world” on all foliage and “reapply tool” fixed the floating problem but when I click “select invalid” all my foliage are still selected.
What is “invalid foliage” and how can I fix this ?

All I got is the (is located at a invalid location) information

No reply? No help? No explanation? No Documentation?

Checks to see if the foliage is placed offset from the ground. You can tweak this threshold value it uses to determine the “invalid” state, via the “foliage.OffGroundThreshold 5” console command. 5 is the default value, which is a small value and kinda sensitive.

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