Introducing Unreal Engine for Enterprise - Thursday, April 21 @ 2PM - Live from Epic HQ


Remember the awesome McLaren configurator shown off at GDC? It represents a larger initiative at Epic focused around Enterprise development. Director of Unreal Engine Enterprise Simon Jones, Partner Technology Manager Doug Wolff and Visualization Technology Manager Francois Antoine are joining us to talk through this exciting new focus helping bring amazing projects to life using Unreal Engine 4.

Thursday, April 21 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]


Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](
Simon Jones - Director, Unreal Engine Enterprise - @fekker](
Doug Wolff - Partner Technology Manager - @dwolff4](
Francois Antoine - Visualization Technology Manager

Have a question? Feel free to ask here or during the stream.

Very cool stuff, can’t wait for the stream.

What about royalty fees for using UE4 for arch/productviz, advertisement and commisioned art projects now and in the foreseeable future?



Looking forward to the stream!

is this coming for free or is this only Enterprise version?

This is a direct assault against the overexpensive Deltagen, with a sidekick towards Autodesk. Thumbs up! Wipe the dinosaurs out, then a myriad of opportunities will blossom.

For us that make non-game apps (, does this change the royalty-based model? I’m hyped and worried at the same time, since our app is very close to release. Anyway, thank you Epic for your <3 for non-games with UE4!

I am interested in creating similar Ios/Androind app to controll UE4 game. Sending inputs to the game. Could you elaborate how did u approach it ? I would love to see example from Epic how to do this.

Thank you

I’m not watching 36 minutes of four guys on a couch. Can anyone TL;DR it or will there be a grown-up style overview of whatever Unreal Engine Enterprise is?

I am kinda confused, can somebody tell me if i am wrong ?
What i understood.
1.This “Enterprise” will be included into 4.12 version of UE.
2. Enterprise is focused on visualization for high poly mesh and scenes imported from CAD programs and try to be close to reality but in real time.
2. They will announce soon new business model that will change pricing for UE 4 for commercial use.
Anything i forgot ?

The upgrades created for the McLaren demo will be added into 4.12, yes.

Enterprise is a way for Epic to help collaborate with non-game developers who use UE4 to help them with any issues they may have. It’s a service to communicate with Epic more directly.

It will not change the 5% model, it will add a new option that you can chose to participate in if you are working on a non-game project.

wait a second. So enterprise is for user like me that uses unreal for only cinematic videos? is that right?

It sounds like Enterprise is exactly what the name suggests: pay an up-front fee, receive enhanced support and a different licensing model, but only for non-game usages. Hence four old guys with Titles on a couch, gotta make the demographic relate to it. :slight_smile:

What’s the recommended pipeline to import JT files and/or data from common PLM systems like teamcenter or enovia?