Introducing the Epic Developer Community!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce and launch the first iteration of the brand-new Epic Developer Community!

To aid you in your Unreal Engine development journey, we’ve created this unified community platform that brings together forum discussions, Q&A, tutorials, courses, and snippets into a single platform. We want you to succeed—and by providing streamlined resources and a space for you to share your incredible work (with brand-new profiles!), we hope we can help.

The community is incredibly important to us, to Epic. We wouldn’t be here without your contributions, your feedback, and your passion to create. As many of us, myself included, have come from the modding, demoscene and indie communities, we recognize the time, energy, and soul that goes into each and every one of your projects, so here’s to you.

Use this platform to fuel your spark; share your creations, discoveries, solutions with one another and we’ll keep iterating it to make it the most powerful support it can be.

As the Epic Developer Community is built for you, and we’re not telepathic—yet—please share your feedback with us in the Feedback & Requests - Epic Developer Community Forums and let us know what you think. The site will see several iterations over the coming months and we want to be sure to mold it with your needs first and foremost.

Next steps

This is only phase one, and we expect that there will be a number of issues and improvements that will need our attention over the coming weeks.

Here are a few areas we will be working on, in no particular order:

  • Learning content rating and voting system
  • Localization of the site interface and learning posts
  • Updates on profile roles, badges, Community Heroes program - and the backend work to automate it
  • SEO improvements
  • General bug fixes and quality of life improvements
    And whatever pops up and is identified as important by all of you as we put this new platform to the test!

Longer term

We envision significant continued development on the Epic Developer Community throughout the whole of 2022 and beyond. Our vision is to grow into a space for all creators and developers to excel, whether you use Unreal Engine, Epic Online Services, or any of the other Epic developer tools and services.

There will therefore be many more improvements and new features that we’ll be exploring over the course of the year. In time, we’ll share what major features you can expect, and circle back for your thoughts on what kind of functionality you’d expect to see.

Once again, thank you for joining us on this journey and we are so excited to build this together!


WOW where do we get a link?




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Thankyou <3

What is this going to become ? Epic Games

Great idea! It could also be perfect if you could bookmark the snippets just like you can bookmark forum topics.


Thank you very much, it looks amazing. Looking forward to its evolution.

Looks like adding video links to community tutorials is currently broken. Firefox inspector just shows the backend giving a 500 error code.

Wasn’t sure where else to report this, so let me know if this is the wrong place.


Where did the main page with categories on the left and latest posts on the right go? :frowning:

Having to switch between the two is really frustrating.

I don’t want to make choice between one or the other. I want to be able to see both at once like I could previously.

Also, is there any way to switch to a more sane theme? The amount of visual clutter the gradients cause is extreme, but the theme settings in Interface sections of the preferences do not work anymore >:(

The extreme 100% white text on a very dark background also causes lots of eye strain.

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The new dev hub is looking really promising, I like it. :slight_smile:

I can second that, the current theme is very straining to my eyes as well. Used the light theme before but that doesn’t work anymore. When you had the light theme selected it was impossible to use the forum at all, it was dark text on dark background, couldn’t read a thing at first.

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@Rawalanche and @zaha — Thanks for the feedback! We’ll add that to our list to explore and see about implementing an alt option.


This is looking much better than previous forum update.


Okay I want to say, the reply button looks really good now.
Small details that make me want to play this game more.

A little disappointed my post doesn’t explode with particle effects though.
Really impressed with everything today. :slight_smile:

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I have only one thing to complain that keeps tricking me…

Some times I click to see “who liked this content” (hearts) and I accidentally give it a like too and can’t take it back.

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When I have to take things into my own hands there’s a browser add-on called Stylish that lets you change the CSS of any site.

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Love the new forum UX !

Cool stuff, also the forum integration is smooth, i love it!

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Very intriguing design streamlined overall experience, it’s a great overhaul! :clap: