interstitial ad using (4.14)

Ok. 4.14 version have 4 interstitial ad nodes many many thanks to epic staff :slight_smile: i love unreal.
There is not any documentation about using those nodes.
I decided to write someting about using them.
Only works with android.
Perhaps it helps someone.


First at the begin of the play use load interstitial ad node. Than control it with is interstitial ad node. İf true everything is nice. İf false try again 0.2 second later.
This will load the ad to background and it will be ready for using.

After that at the end of the play or where you want to show ad, use is interstitial ad available. if it is true use show interstitial ad node.
show ad.PNG

For the last thing go to project settings, under the android tab give an extra permission “” and enter your admob ad unit id.

Thanks again to epic staff :slight_smile:

And thats all.
i hope it helps.

I followed your recommendations, but I can not play in my game. I have my admob ID, I put the extra permission “” and even then nothing works. What can it be?

I’m very confident in this post even going wrong, because it was something more “near” that I got in relation to ad interstitial, but I must have done something wrong, but I can not imagine where.

In the part of the interstitial load ad I put in event begin play (first map) and the part of the interstitial ad show I put it in event construction in my game over widget.

Is correct? Or do I have to put both parts in the same place?

I look forward to returning.

Ads can show in UE4 Editor?

Hi Mriv, i guess that only in mobile launch.

Ads are shown only on mobile not in editor and only after publishing a an internal test release or alpha or beta

did ANYONE had success with these nodes???

Yes It worked on my project, I am guessing it did not for you?

Maybe check you settings for googleplay etc… App Id, Ad ID…


I just have a question, What’s next your variable boolean 'interstitial ad" ?

Is any one succeded.please tell the right way to set interestitial ads…