InterpolateMaterialInstanceParameters BP Node not working

Ok so I’ve been trying to solve this for quite a while. So far, there hasn’t been anything to help me get this node to produce results. I did find out through research though that all of the dynamic material instances need to be of the same parent material. Unfortunately, that is about it.

Ok, problem time: I am trying to use a master ground landscape with five (for now) children instances on a static mesh ground plane as they are spawning in.


I have all of the MID reference variables set to the same variable type, which is the parent material of the materials that will be used later.

Through logic, the correct child material instance is selected and saved to a MID ref for both the past piece (CurrentEnvironmentMaterial) and next piece (NextEnvironmentMaterial) that will spawn in. Then it goes through the IMIP node and is supposed to overwrite a different MID variable (FinalEnvironmentMaterial). Then it is assigned to the material slot of the static mesh.

As you can see, I have two other options there. The other two options work perfectly fine when they are plugged in, it’s just this one that is supposed to be created that gives me the default parent material.

Left side → defaulted parent material Right side → forest material

Overall, the next step that I’m hoping to reach is getting the MID variable to hold a gradient of the previous and future materials so there can be a little more of a transition created for the following piece to be spawned afterwards. However, I am unsure what I’m doing wrong here as I think that I’ve followed anything I could find on this node.

Any help is much appreciated!

Links that were most helpful:

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I made a video about this fonctionnality here : 35- Interpolate Material Instance Parameter Node - YouTube