Interp to movement replicate?

Moving Platform Tutorial In 3 Minutes Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube - I followed this tutorial but it doesn’t work properly for networking. It uses “interp to move”

For constant movement like that, you need to implement extrapolation. Otherwise, two things will either happen.
A) Client platform is doing its own thing and so is completely out of sync.
B) Platform stutters/teleports.
It is just not possible for the server to send the client the new location fast enough.

I was never successful with implementing extrapolated movement for Actors (I know Unreal has the functionality since CharacterMovement uses it).
I do use a plugin (which was free a while ago) called SmoothSync. It is the best form of extrapolation I have experienced thus far. It just works and you have so much control over it. I use it for anything that requires movement, except Character as I think Unreal’s CharacterMovement does more than a good enough job in that regard.

That’s a good reference although one thing I’m confused about… The platform’s position is deterministic assuming we get a (starting time + starting position) in sync.

Although we would have to re-sync eg if the game gets paused.