Interior quality of rendering with lumen

Hi, i was wondering; I am seeing a lot of vray quality interior renders/animations on youtube,
and i have been trying to get the same results, following all the tutorials,
but somehow I have been stranded at my maximum quality possible it seems, which i not near to
what i have been seeing…
Please look at my example (with markers) to see what i mean;

  • missing indirect contact shadows of objects near a wall,
  • trying to get the sun to be more blurry, less visuable, (since hdri’s with low gamma doesnt seem to give off shadows) but the softer shadows are jittering and low quality (noise)
  • reflections are similar bad quality with a lot of noise
  • the general GI is just not really so good, even on high final gather settings

Ok I could think, Lumen is not comparable with actual renders,
but it is, i have seen a lot of examples on youtube with people showing the most discrete interiors,
looking as good, or better as vray/corona renders…
What am I doing wrong ?

Are your walls and ceiling a big single Static Mesh??

well yes, its one mesh
(i have a really clean way of modelling, no double geometry, no double vertices etc)
i make the model in Cad and for it works very well with vray for instance

OK, I have to be honest here;

This is all just done on a GTX 1060,
and I have used none of the raytraced features (reflections and GI)
So everything is set on the Lumen engine,

I know that those, owning a RTX '70-90, will sigh and discard this question now,

but seriously; but should i still get such a “computer game” look ?
Wasnt the whole idea, that lumen will work on all pc’s, except it will be slower ?

Docs (Lumen Technical Details | Unreal Engine Documentation):

“Only meshes with simple interiors can be supported — walls, floors, and ceilings should be in separate meshes. Importing large, single meshes are not expected to work with Lumen.”

They also mentioned it in Lumen | Inside Unreal - YouTube

Thanks, ok so its a bit like “radiosity” i guess,
where lumen performs some kind of internal tesselation…
I will look at more detail at those videos !

Still, I keep wondering about the RTX Raytracing engine vs total Lumen engine,
Do you guys get any good results (contact/indirect shadows) in “total Lumen” at all ?