Interior Mirror Material: reflects exterior?

I created a mirror inside a bathroom.
Reflection sphere added.

For some strange reason, it’s reflecting the outside of the house - the exterior environment.
But not the interior.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for any little help!

It sounds like you need to add another reflection sphere closer to the mirror, preferably with a smaller influence radius. Also remember to rebuild your reflection captures.

I checked all these points.
Created a new Reflection Capture, super close to the mirror.
And yes, I re-built the reflection capture.

Nothing. Look at the two videos below:

lol, that’s bizarre…
is ray tracing enabled in the project? or how about trying planar reflection?

Ray Tracing is disabled. Planar Reflection works, but the reflection capture just doesn’t. Can’t find the bug…:frowning:

Why not using a reflection capture cube? There’s also render target 2D/3D. If planar reflection isn’t preferred.

Hi, the same issue is happening to me, did you fix it? I need help :s