Interior Mapping Randomization


So I have been following [this][1] Interior Mapping tutorial, but right now I am at a roadblock.

I am trying to randomize 3 things:

  1. Rotation of the Cubemap
  2. Lighting of the Room
  3. Level of the curtains

I am trying to achieve these 3 objectives through this layout, where identical planes are attached together into 1 object, but they each occupy their own 0-1 UV space:

I use ObjectPositionWS to achieve randomization of the Cubemap, level of blinds, and the lighting level. However, the randomization is the same throughout all the planes when I do this, which is not what I desire.

So the thing is, the Interior Cubemap Material Function allows me to randomize the cubemap amongst the planes easily enough (a ‘true’ boolean statement into ‘Randomize Rotation’ of the Interior Cubemap MF). However, I’m struggling to get the blinds and the lights to randomize amongst the planes properly (they randomize together with the same results).

As seen above, the Cubemap rotation randomization is there, but the blinds and the lighting level are all the same.

So I am wondering if there is some way to achieve randomization through using different UV spaces? Or is there a better way to achieve what I am trying to do?

The constraint is that I need the window planes to be pre-arranged and attached in 3DS Max first before importing to UE4, so I need to avoid creating instances to achieve randomization.

Any help or advice would be deeply appreciated. Many thanks guys, God bless.


Anyone? Really need a hand here to understand how it’s gonna work…