Interface on a Touchscreen as a PNG/JPG Image

I’m developing a VR training tool for operating a machine. There’s a touchscreen with an interface with small text fields.
When i use it as an image in UMG and place it into a 3D widget in the world the text isn’t readable from a normal distance. You have to bring your head to a very near distance to be able to read the text (see screenshots). I tried different texture settings with no success. Maybe the text is too small for a proper usage in VR? Does anybody have experiences with images with text on screens in VR? How did you deal with this problem - a complete reconstruction in UMG with UMG-Text?

… found a solution with a stereo layer. Looks great but is seems to make the tool very unstable. When start playing in VR-Preview the editor crashes very often. Without the usage of a stereo layer it never crashes. Does anybody know about problems with stereo layers or had similar experiences in using stereo layers?

Try to increase size (in pixels) of the UMG widget and decrease scale of widget component. But i’m not sure.

Using MSAA+Forward Rendering increases Sharpness massively! It worked for my 3d widgets and now texts are readable…

Thank you for the input, YuriNK and alllesss. I’ve been busy with finishing the VR tool so there was little time to answer (the screen problem had a low priority). The increased size of the UMG widget didn’t bring the desired sharpness, forward rendering and MSAA lead to a lot of shimmering edges, maybe because there are no organic objects in the room - the machine and room have mostly straight edges. I realized the interaction with the screen in letting the interface pop out in a bigger size. When done, it pops back to original size in the screen. Not the best way but the deadline was a challenge and other aspects of the tool were more important.

use PNG 1024x1024
compression setting : user interface 2D
texture groups : UI
umg/ umg 3d : 1024x768??
umg 3d reduce the scale

if you launch from editor setting engine scalability to epic et material texture high