Interest in a modular dungeon set?

It seems there are alot of interest posts going around these days, so may as well make one myself.

So, seeing how there is not one on the marketplace yet, and I really need one for my own project, any interest? It wouldn’t be a super huge “make your own dungeon crawler pack”, but it would include a modular cave-type system that you can use to make cave based dungeons. Again, need this style of cave/dungeon system for the first level of my own project, and there will (hopefully) be at least 100 levels in the game, with different “themes”. So if there is enough interest in something like this, I could release a few packs (or all? I doubt my game will sell well, I’m realistic like that).

Will your system include a means of automated assembly like Dungeon Designer?

That’s a really cool creator… didnt know it existed, so thank you! Unfortunately though, since it’s a build on runtime, and non-replicateable across the network, I won’t be able to use it.

As to your question, it wouldn’t have auto-generation. I’m a control-freak, you see?.. actually, I need replication to work. Although, if there was an editor based generator, that would save me sooooooooooo much time, as I wouldn’t have to design 300 dungeons. (3 dungeons per level)

I’ll look deeper into auto-generation though. I thought I saw a twitch video where he did a random top-down view of a maze in the editor, and if that can be done, then sweet.

I’ve written a couple procedural level generators and they can be applied to any design once you have an understanding of how they work. I prefer the Depth-First Search Algo.

#1 Cellular automation algo with unrealscript back in UDK using the based on this.

#2 Depth First Search Algo in UE4 Blueprints based on DFS Algorithm highlighted on

The Dungeon Designer could be modified to add the features you require to include network replication and save/load. It works using modular static mesh shapes (tiles) which could be swapped with modular cave-type system. One could get really fancy adding interactive doors and lifts. If you opt to go the manual construction route, (which I also considered) I would recommend designing it as in-game editing application, not a UE4 Ed/Blutility. That way you could expose to player to create their own maps for collaborative dungeon construction in realtime. This is the route I’ve elected to go with all content editing for my game, even skill and achievement creation. I envision a mouse drawing like functionality that spawns and connect tile together like a chain. Then one clicks on the individual part to edit, swap out.

**pattym **]( me in adding both of these feature to my recent dungeon maker with the SaveGame Tutorial and direction on how to use Random Streams/Seed random number generation to support network replication or regenerate a specific level. I achieved SUCCESS using RandomStreams (with a single seed for all RndStreams), and Replication of the Seed to Clients. Generate the Seed prior to Maze Generation (example: in Level Blueprint on Level Load).
Generate & Assign Seed
on Level Load the RandomStream
RandomStream Seed
Replication in Action

Interesting concept of letting players build their own dungeons, much like this one game that I played, although it was all static geometry. I’m just not sure it would fit in the game that I’m designing (traditional mo-rpg that is VR-ready).

So I recently dealt with this issue of the generation being done at runtime when I was making something based on the Turn Based Strategy example. What I did was to take the main function that called everything and just copy it over to a Custom Event with “Call in Editor” checked. If it takes parameters as input, either create variables for those and make them public, or make the existing ones public so they can be edited on the object in the scene inspector list.

Then just enable Blutility in the Editor Settings -> Experimental section (restart the editor) and when you select the blueprint with your custom event (has to be an instance of it in the world) it will give you the option under the Blutility heading in the Details pane to run the custom event you created. This is a work around to the real way Blutility is supposed to work, but it works fine for now as the real way does not work.

It can fit, if its an option. Its a means to generate lots of content. A form of implicit crowd-sourcing. You also have the option to only expose the editor to other Developers on your team. The In-game Dungeon Editor can take advantage of UE4’s Network Replication, allowing multiple team members to collaborate in building dungeons. All of these reasons are why I’ve elected to build an In-game editor for all the content in my game.

Back to the original question. Yes I know others would be interested in modular dungeon set, especially if comes with a Editor BP. You could supply Modular Dungeon Pack with many different styles and themes for use with the Editor. This is exactly my approach to modular assets for sale in the marketplace with GLAIVERave](GLAIVERave: A Procedural Fantasy Melee Weapon's Designer - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums), GOLEMCraft, PYROLance, MOODSaurus, a few others. I intend to give my BP Systems away for Free and charge a nominal price for supplemental Audio/Visual assets.

I’m so going to have to experiment now :smiley:

Add me on the Launcher and hit me up if you need help.

I will be interested