Intercept orientation before application to the player camera

Hi all,

I’m going round in circles a little here and don’t want to bore you with details.

I’d like to know the cleanest way of intercepting the HMD orientation value, modifying it and then having my modified value applied to the camera.

I’ve done this is Unity in a truly hacky way by having another transform between the player and the camera and modifying that transforms yaw based on the camera yaw from the HMD.

But I hate this as you’re basing a parent rotation on a child of it and I was hoping Unreal would give me a simpler way to do what seems simple.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I’ve done this loads with a custom engine and the PSVR so know it should be possible.

In 4.11.1 you can uncheck Lock to HMD in the camera component then use the GetPose node of the Oculus Library every tick, set the bools to true and the scale to 1,1,1, and it will give you the position and rotation of the hmd which you can modify and use to SetRelativeLocationAndRotation on the camera.

I’ve just grabbed 4.11.1, thanks so much for the info!