Interactive VR Videos (With Questions...)

Hey guys,

I’m new to Unreal and to VR. I have basically been working with H5P to make interactive videos where you can add questions and information to a video that the user can interact with during the video.

We currently have Oculus Go headsets and my boss was wondering if there is any way we can take our normal 2D interactive videos and make them VR compatible. We have 360 cameras so making the 360 video is easy enough for us to do, my question is, would Unreal Engine be able to add the other interactive features easily to this 360 video, or am I going to have to look for a different type of software?


There is nothing like that built-in the engine as far as I know but it shouldn’t be too hard to make. There can be many ways of implementing this and it will depend on your requirements. Playing 360 videos is fairly easy and you should be able to do it by some googling. This link can be useful.

Once you have 360 videos playing you can write some logic to know when a question should be asked during the video. The questions can be displayed using 3D widgets and the VR player can interact with the widget using a laser pointer (using the widget interaction component).

It’s totally doable but if you have never worked with Unreal and in VR it would be really hard, you can probably hire somebody with some experience and they should be able to implement it pretty easily. Good luck!!!