Interaction Kit - Interact with anything and anyone, anytime.


Hello everyone!

Today we announce our latest pack! The Interaction Kit!
A useful pack to allow any type of interaction without having to redo any of your code!

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Interaction Kit is a pack that allows for easy interaction with any objects. It requires little to no effort to install and you can use any already made actor/blueprint setup with this asset. No re-coding of items are required!
Everything works with 1 node and everything is completely modular with just some variable changes!
This pack comes with a handful of example content to preview and test the interaction setup.

Feature list:
*Allowing to interact with actors
*Allowing to highlight meshes when looking at
*Allowing to show text on screen when looking at
*Easy to add in your own systems
*Featuring example content to learn from
*Key input to change result when interacting
*Action ID input to change result when interacting
*Ability to trace from mouse position to support TopDown and 2.5D and other modes/games that use Mouse mainly.

V1.1 - Simplified the interact and outline actors setup.
V1.2 - Added key event input and action ID.
V1.3 - Added support for Top Down and 2.5d setups using mouse space.
V1.4 - 4.13 update

Watch it’s trailer here:

Integration Tutorial:
**Being used in:

Looks brilliant! Any chance you’re selling it on sellfy/gumroad? I would love to buy this now. Also, how much will it cost?

Hey ItsAlwaysSummer!

Good to hear you like the system. And we won’t put it op on Sellfy or Gumroad, but however are going to start selling this between today and Monday on our own webshop at
If you’d like to know when it’s live you can follow our newsletter at the site, follows us on Facebook or Twitter or just check back this thread :slight_smile:

Price will be announced at release :slight_smile:

Loved your economy system.

Thanks Warcrabbit! :slight_smile:

Hey, I just saw that it’s up on your site! I just have a question before I buy… how would I be able to download updates to the kit through there?

Hey Summer!

To get an update it’s mostly just sending us an e-mail with the e-mail you purchased the product + the product name, and after that we’ll resend the updated files.
However, on major updates(Such as, Performance boosts, Anti-exploit implementations, new features) we do send out the batch ourselves to all buyers.

On minor updates(Such as, a color change in the UMG, adjusting a typo in one of the achievements) we normally just announce these here and on twitter, but however for these you should request the update as these changes would override the changes you may or may not have already made.

However when we do update a product, your download link will be extended with 7 extra days of download time, so if you miss that time frame you can ask us and we’ll extend it again.

Hope this info helps!

amazing! i need this.

Ohhhh! I’ve been looking for something like this, I’ll be picking this up later tonight, how easy would it be to setup like press F to collect items? going to be making a sort of FPS RPG type game so wanting to make it so people can collect cash to buy stuff etc.

Hey Forstyshield!

To change it to F is literally just as easy as making it work with E. You can watch the integration tutorial at 4:53 to see how it’s done. It takes 5 seconds or so :slight_smile:

Hope the info helps!

Hey Neff! Great to hear :slight_smile: If you’d like to have this sooner you can already get it on our store at :slight_smile:

Whats it like binding the stuff you pick up to say a cash function? so you can buy stuff with the “cash” you pick up?

Hey frosty,

Not 100% sure what you mean, if you mean how one can add cash to their current cash when picking up then you can use the event “Interact With Object” to do that logic with.

Added access to player controller on event Interact With Object
Added access to player pawn on event Interact with Object

If you’ve purchased it through our website please re-click the download link within 7 days or request us to resend the download link :slight_smile:

My name is Michael Allar and I like this product.

Thank you Allar!

This pack looks awesome, congrats on submitting this :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I would buy but your site somehow finds the dollar to £ conversion ration 1=1…

That should’t be happening. Could you contact us at to give us some more info?